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Living On Purpose

Movement in Live Benefits of Coaching


Who are ideal coaching clients?


The people who benefit most from coaching already have good lives, but they know there is more out there. They carry a vision in their head and a passion in their heart that calls them forward. They want "more" and coaching is the way to define what "more" is and move toward it. Coaching clients come from all walks of life but share one basic question, “What’s next in my life?” They long to answer this question and continue to live on purpose.

How do you know you are ready for coaching?


Some clients know immediately that they are ready to move forward. Another way is to take a look at the major areas of your life -- Career, Spirituality, Recreation, Romance, Health, Living Space, Family, and Finances. Use the Wheel of Life tool to assess your level of satisfaction in each of these areas. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll be able to see in what areas of your life coaching may be beneficial.