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Living On Purpose


When it is on purpose...


Holly C., Business Owner
“Working with a coach has really helped me make some important changes in my life. Sheri coaches from her heart and from her soul. She really listens to where I am and truly relates to me and my situation. Before we started working together, I knew I needed to make some changes, but wasn’t sure where to begin. Through coaching, I have found the courage to make some important personal and career decisions and I feel like my life is flowing again.”


Jennifer Kettlewell, The Moxie Maven
"Sheri has helped me find new doors to go through. I would have never even considered walking in my current direction, until I started meeting with Sheri. With a gentle, yet firm, approach Sheri provided a safe environment to break my boundaries, and grow into what I consider a more geniune and authentic self. If you want to walk into greatness, you should meet with Sheri."


Amanda E. Garrison, Business Owner
“Since I am a business owner and a team leader, I have set some pretty high goals for myself. This new position has challenged me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. Working with Sheri as my coach has been so helpful. She has a way of listening and pulling apart the issues, to help me understand myself better and move forward faster. As I’ve experienced her coaching style, I have benefited from her skills personally and have also been able to use them with my team, in my role as their coach. Coaching with Sheri has been very valuable. I highly recommend it.”


Valerie A. Begalle, Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Universal Lending Corporation
“In my coaching sessions with Sheri, we focused on what was important to me, whether it was personal, business or life in general. Since part of my purpose with my coaching is to move forward in my business, her extensive background in marketing has really helped guide the coaching conversations. Yet it was balanced by her ability to stay in the moment and really be with me. I was amazed at how she kept me and what was important to me, as the center of our conversation.”